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Eden Harel and Oded Menashe in a joint performance
A Marriage Made in Eden
Celebrity couple in an authentic comedy show about faith, logic and the love that’s in between

  Eden is very proud of her "faith". Oded, meanwhile, keeps a kippah in his pocket and pulls it out to pray.

Yet somehow, all of this blends together in a single extraordinary family.

The show sheds light on a reality experienced by many couples who live with differences. Eden and Oded prove that, despite everything, it’s possible to live together in harmony.  

They talk about their large family of six children (but don’t tempt the Evil Eye!), about Eden’s crazy and eventful life (MTV, moving between schools and apartments, a period of self-denial in the East) and her fascinating life journey; and about Oded’s calm and structured years growing up in North Tel Aviv.

Eden shares how she played the cards she was dealt in life to get to a place of inner serenity and oneness.

The couple discuss how the differences between them create situations both interesting and amusing.

A moving and entertaining show about the well-publicized relationship of Eden Harel and Oded Menashe.  The success, the search, the rapprochement with religion, the unexpected and the challenges of daily life.  
An hour of amusing, exciting – and most of all thought-provoking –   true stories.

The show covers facets of Eden and Oded’s relationship, from Eden's wild past and Oded's life as a “good boy” actor on children's TV to the lives they lead today.

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Ofer Yannay

Eden Harel:


Eden Harel, an Israeli media personality, will share her fascinating life story with us. From a childhood in boarding schools to a glamorous life in London as a presenter on MTV. From a career in television and acting to her new life of starting a family Eden’s story and insights touch each of us, as we search for meaning in our lives.